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May 08, 2006

Hippopotamus in Hania

Hippo There is a Mexican restaurant in Hania called Hippopotamus. We haven't visited it yet, although given our delight in Mexican food, that they advertise Mojitos, and the fact that my mum collects hippo ornaments, it is inevitable that we will.

What we love about it so far is that for their logo they appear to have taken someone else's caricature of a Mexican guy, and then simply slapped someone else's caricature of a hippo on top of it.

No way is that hippo wearing that sombrero.

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Orient promoted, West Ham in the FA Cup Final and Leeds on the verge of a return to the Premiership. If this is what happens when you go on a European adventure can I ask you to start saving up for Asia?
And Marvel didn't do any UFO strips but it did appear in the british weekly 'Countdown' along with other Gerry Anderson strips so it's probably a reprint.
Ah yes, you're telling us all about a genuinely life changing/affirming move to Crete and all we can do is discuss old Sci-Fi shows. Plus ça change, eh?

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