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May 10, 2006

Grout lout

Groutlout We have under floor heating in our apartment - so when we moved in there were two lines of tiling in our living room that hadn't been grouted to allow the installation. Our landlord said that at some point he would turn up and get these finished off.

Well that happened the other day - they put liquid filler into one of the gaps, and were on the point of leaving when I said "Doesn't this one need doing too?". They set to work on the second gap which they had been going to leave unfinished, whilst I walked around the flat pleased with myself for having spotted their sloppiness.

It was around about this point that I put my great big galumphing shoes into the first line of filler. And then not content with having messed that up before it had dried, I continued to walk around the flat - traipsing still wet filler all around.

So now we have these small sticky patches of filler on the tiles, which attract dirt like magnets attract iron filings. That means there is always a dirty trail of my footprints around the house which, as she does the cleaning, remind my long suffering wife of what an idiot her husband can be sometimes.

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Martin puts his foot in it? Who'd have thought ;)

Very happy with the Middlesbrough result, oh how we laughed at McClaren pacing up and down without a Plan B. Just as well he's not going to be in charge of a team we care about eh?


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