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May 30, 2006

Geese at the beach

Geeseatthebeach We've got pretty used to seeing stray dogs and stray cats wherever we go in Hania, and especially at the beach - but we had quite a novelty yesterday down at Golden Beach - stray geese!

This pair were hanging around the Hippocampus Café where we had all decided to meet up for an early evening dinner.

I think Claire would have been happier if a pair of crocadiles had been lurking around - she hates geese, and the feeling is mutual. Sure enough, after a couple of minutes they were hissing at her. They kept circling our table looking for tidbits of food, which meant Claire had to keep moving seats so that they couldn't "sneak up on her".

Some people threw them food, some other kids chased them round in circles, and one kind lady got a plastic container, and filled it with water from the beach showers so that the geese had something to drink.

"Geese lover" hissed Claire at her.

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