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May 21, 2006

Full house

So in the last ten eleven days (sorry - I couldn't do inclusive counting) I have watched or listened to five cup finals, and the team I have been supporting has lost every single one. Sometimes humiliatingly like AEK Athens or Middlesbrough. Sometimes cruelly like West Ham. And sometimes rather ungraciously like Arsenal.

But none of them has pained me more than todays failure of Leeds United to get back into the Premiership. The match wasn't on TV over here, so I've been sitting in an internet cafe listening to commentary on Radio Five Live.

Sure, I know everyone is guilty of over-hyping it, but the Championship Play-Off is the highest pressure game in the English domestic season.

It meant the difference between preparing for Chelsea away, or enquiring as to how many coaches of supporters Luton Town are bringing to Elland Road. It meant the difference between getting to have another crack at putting one over Man Utd, or spending the entire season trying to pretend that a "Yorkshire Derby" game with Sheffield Wednesday is the highlight of the season, when everyone knows that both sets of fans have got bigger fish to fry.

Perhaps for the sake of everyone back home I should get myself naturalised as a Greek citizen before the World Cup starts.

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At leasr you get to play Gummo's team next season.

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