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May 29, 2006

Das Boot

We've had a couple of our friends visiting us this week, with their 3 year old and ¾ year old daughters in tow, so we arranged for a "girls night out" and a "boys night out" where the babysitting duties would fall to one same-sex half of each couple.

Actually, for the "girls night out" Claire and J. went shopping during in the day instead, which seemed a bit of a cop-out. Not for the boys - a Saturday night pub crawl was the order of the day. Well, once we'd ruled out going to the "Private" night club by the old market anyway.

Our plan was to start at Rudi's Bierhaus on Sifaka. This pub is run by an ex-pat Austrian guy, who specialises in  imported beers from central Europe. Claire and I have walked by it a couple of times during the day, and never seen it open, so we figured it must be an evening only affair. However when we got there on Saturday we found it was still firmly shut. I can't tell whether Rudi has abandoned it for good, or whether it is still just too early in the season for him to be open.

We went for plan B, which was to visit a few of the bars around the harbour. We started in Santé, which is now a firm favourite. Very mellow lighting, and an excellent music selection - Depeche Mode, Portishead, Joy Division - made for a very nice couple of beers.

Next stop was Ελλη music café. I've always fancied the look of this bar, but not been in before. It attracts a very local crowd - local, not in the Royston Vasey sense, but in the sense that it must be pretty reasonably priced and serve a mean frappé to attract the native youth of Hania. The music was mostly a showcase of different eras of U2 whilst we were there, and after a couple of beers we also got served some complimentary raki.

Well, it wasn't really a pub crawl to be honest, more of a gentle stroll with beer. One thing about continental bars is of course that since you are waiting for table service there is no headlong rush to get back up to the bar after finishing your drinks, and you are being served 33cl bottles, rather than pints.

So, thinking about Claire & J. stuck back at the apartment with the girls, it seemed fair to call 11pm home-time. However, we'd only managed 4 little beers in that time, so thought we'd round the night off in one last port of call.

I picked Galini, where I had watched the F.A. Cup Final with Claire. Music not so good this time, on the R'n'B/hip-hop tip. Our waitress came over and we ordered beer - "Small? Medium? or Large?". I ordered medium.

What an error. She came back to the table with two glass in the shape of boots, each containing a litre of beer. And then it all came flooding back to me that during the F.A. Cup Final when Claire had asked for a "small beer" she had been told the huge glass she was already drinking from was a "small beer".

And so, for our last drink of the night we had to drink about the same amount of beer as we'd already had in the whole evening in one go.

From a glass boot.

We speculated on what you got if you ordered a large beer. Perhaps they bought you an entire glass leg full of lager? Galini has a big screen, so maybe I shall go down to watch one of the World Cup games there, and start of by ordering a large beer to last the whole game so we can find out.

Needless to say, after das boot, we arrived home rather later and worse for wear than we had originally planned.

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