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May 23, 2006

Da Vinci Code protests in Greece

Greece has been one of the countries that has seen protestors demonstrating outside cinemas against The Da Vinci Code movie. I do find it odd that these people who claim to believe in an omnipotent god also claim that he/she/it will be irreparably damaged by a movie. I mean, in fairness, a couple of movies that feature Tom Hanks have had me losing some of my faith in humanity, but surely its hardly something to cause an all-powerful supernatural being to lose sleep over?

My favourite quote over here in Greece is from one of the protest's leading lights, Giorgos Moustakis:

I will see the film, together with a group of lawyers and judges, and if there is any case of insult to our religion we will take legal action against cinema owners.

It sounded to me like he could have saved himself the €7 entry money by just picking up a copy of the book - but it turns out he has already read it and found it "defamatory to the founder of the Christian faith".

He's more worried about the film though - "Movies and television inflame passions. Their effect is immense compared to that of books".

Crikey - just as well he's not a spokesman defending a faith purely based on something as ineffectual as books then isn't it? What was that you said? Oh.

I probably wasn't going to see it - but I think I'm now with Dave on this one - if it is making the god-botherers that unhappy, it is probably worth showing some support for it.

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