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May 03, 2006


BongomanOne of the genuine real advantages of our new home is that we can no longer hear bongo-man. Bongo-man isn't related to Hania's one-man-band man, although sometimes they would be set up on each side of the Mosque of Janissaries on the harbour creating an unholy racket between them.

Bongo-man seems to spend his entire life either lying on a bit of concrete stretching out into the harbour, or on his boat, playing his bongo. That he plays it without any feel or rhythm doesn't seem to bother him, certainly not as much as the constant stream of aimless bongo playing drifting across Hania bothered me anyway.

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I know I should be sending you a long message telling you all the news from home but I'm not. Instead I'm sending you a message to say that Christopher Ecclestone is going to be No. 6 in the remake of The Prisoner. Who knows, he might actually act in this one rather than running around grinning like a mong. More soon, I promise.

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