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May 04, 2006

Another trip out to Kalamaki

Sunwithlove On Wednesday we got the bus with Claire's mum out to Kalamaki, and then had a leisurely stroll back towards home along the beach. We stopped for a drink at the hideously named but beautifully located "Sun with love" bar. It is set into the side of the hill that Ag. Apostolon church is, facing back inland. The sea there forms a very shallow lagoon, and it is a great spot for sun-bathing, and for sitting and having a drink and a chat.

The rocks at the edge of the sea just below "Sun with love" seems to most people to be really nice and isolated. The cafe must be a bit camoflauged. That is the only explanation I can find for the constant stream of people using the rocks to get changed, thinking they had hidden themselves from view from everyone on the beach, whilst we were less than ten feet away vertically. One particular "treat" was the fiftysomething woman who decided to take off her bikini and give her breasts a vigorous wash in the sea-water, followed by a liberal application of sun lotion, lasting about three minutes in total, all as if nobody in the world could see her.

In the end we had a couple of drinks there, and stayed much longer than we intended. We weren't as careful with the sun today as we should be - for the first time since we got here Claire and I are both a bit sore.

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