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May 23, 2006

ΑΝΝΑ, ΧΑΣΑΜΕ: Anna, losing

Anna[see comments for a correction to my Greek translation]

I told you they took this Eurovision thing quite seriously here. Yesterday's Star news on TV had a brief item on politics, and then item two was a twenty-five minute post-mortem of Anna's performance for Greece at the weekend. Yep, that's right, twenty-five minutes of prime time news devoted to analysing her microphone technique in slow-motion, criticising her clothes, and comparing her performance side-by-side on screen with some of the more vivacious and exuberant ladies from the show, plus the on-screen 4-way debate pictured here. All under the blunt banner: ΑΝΝΑ, ΧΑΣΑΜΕ - Anna, losing we lost.

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Hi Martin,
Just a minor correction...
ΑΝΝΑ, ΧΑΣΑΜΕ translates to: Anna, We Lost.

Thank you - I haven't got the hang of my verb endings yet obviously ;-)

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