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April 04, 2006

Window shopping

The flat we have agreed to rent here in Hania is unfurnished. In Greece, that means totally unfurnished - there isn't even a cooker. So today we went out to window shop and price up the things we need. We've been laughing actually, last week we couldn't even commit to buying a chopping board because we didn't know where we would be in a fortnight - now we are happily contemplating buying an entire house full of consumer goods in one fell swoop.

So today we were looking at what we would need as a bare minimum in an otherwise empty house. We think a cooker and a fridge are essential, and we will need something to sleep on, although, to be honest, we have some very comfy sleeping bags which I'm sure we could cope with on the floor for a couple of days. We are thinking of either a sofa bed or futon that can used in the main room and then converted into a bed in the spare room for when we have guests. And a table and a couple of chairs. And a kettle. And a toaster. And a TV. And a blender for making humous and cocktails.

It has meant a complete re-think of our budget. Previously our money was divided into four lots - money for Crete, then some money to take us to Cyprus if Crete didn't work out, then some money to set up home again in the UK if that didn't work out. Then we had a surplus fund. All that is out of the window. We know we are going to be living in Hania until next April now whatever, so it is a case of devoting all of our resources to that.

Actually, I think we both a feel a bit frustrated that we can't move in at once, but there are still the legal formalities to complete.

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