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April 04, 2006

We've found somewhere to live!

It was difficult to imagine that we had already been in Hania for a week as we made an early start on Monday morning. Following her encounter with the New Zealander estate agent on we had a new target, the apparently only agency in Hania that did long term letting. We went via the second-hand shop which is run by a bunch of ex-pats. We'd hoped it would have second-hand furniture, but it was dominated by knick-knacks, books and clothes.

The Loupassis agency was situated in a second floor office by the Hania stadium. The office was entirely staffed by women, and was very friendly. We sat down with one and she asked us what we were looking for, then began to show us our options. Claire and I were both already grinning - this was the first time we really felt like we were getting somewhere. We arranged to view some places later in the day.

One funny thing happened whilst we were in the office. The woman who eventually took us round to view the apartment was sitting at a desk alongside us. She spilled her hot drink all over her desk and her diary. That wasn't the funny thing. She was, shall we say, very well endowed up top, and was wearing a very low-cut shirt that left little to the imagination. The vigorous rubbing as she dried off her desk set up quite a commotion in her top as she bounced up and now. What a surprise, therefore, that the man who was in the office fixing their telecoms should choose that exact moment to have a sit down and a rest for a minute whilst facing her. A total co-incidence I'm sure ;-)

We walked back to the harbour via the market and had a coffee. Of the places that had been explained to us, one had really stood out, and already in our minds we had seen it, loved it, and agreed to take it.

We went back to the flat and waited for the call to go to our viewing. When it came - disaster! The one we had really fancied had gone, but there was still another apartment to see. We put our glum faces to one side and set off to the office. Although we felt a little bit disappointed about the one that got away, we were still going to get to see a potential home. It took about 15 minutes to drive from the office to the apartment, and it wasn't as far out from Hania as we were worried it might be.

I think we were both surprised by how big it was. We made a good effort of looking at things critically for the benefit of the agent, and then when we got a moment alone in one of the rooms we burst into a fit of jumping up and down for joy.

The place has two bedrooms, a sizeable balcony, an enclosed backyard leading from one of the bedrooms, and a massive lounge/kitchen room. It is also completely unfurnished - we will have to literally live out of our backpacks and sleep on the floor to start with! It is brand new, and looked like there was still a fair amount of snagging on the building to be done - although whether it will be or not is a matter of conjecture. "So how long until it will be finished?" asked Claire a couple of times, only to be "reassured" that it was ready now.

We were quite surprised how low-key the sell was. Once we left the apartment our guide said "Shall I drop you back at your hotel then" with no real attempt to even ask us what we thought. We already knew just by looking at each other that we were going to take it, so I said going back to the office would be fine. On the journey back I had to bring the subject up - "So, say we were interested in taking it, what would we do next?". Quite a contrast to my experience of estate agents in the UK!

CocktailoclockBack at the office we began the formalities with our plaintive "Can we move in on Monday?". The owner hopefully came to the office today to sign his side of the contract, so we trust it can all be sorted for when we leave our current rented room. Unless of course there is some hideous bureaucratic twist...

We went back to the harbour and had an unprecedented cocktail'o'clock before lunch - but we really did have something to celebrate this time ;-)

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im just curious

when u said her open shirt left little to the imagination what did u mean exactly?

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