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April 10, 2006

Welcome to our new home

Welcometolemontree_1Today is a welcome to our new home in more ways than one. We've moved into our new house today, and we've also moved from writing our travelogue on Yahoo! 360° to writing here at 'A lemon tree of our own'.

We got the site set up over the last couple of weeks whilst we were staying at Pension Orio and had free access to the internet over wi-fi on our balcony. As Claire only half-joked whilst we were house-hunting: "We may not have a home to go to, but at least we have a website to tell everyone that we are homeless". Or possibly she thought I hadn't quite got my priorities right at that stage...I'll leave you to decide that ;-)

This site is a blog which we will both be writing on, and for those of you not familair with that concept we've put up an explanation of what the site is about, and also how you can add your comments to our site. It is much easier to add comments than it was on the Yahoo! site - there is an option to register, but anyone at all can post comments.

We've also put up an explaination of why we don't know if we live in Hania, Chania, Xania, Χανια or Χανιων. (Actually, technically speaking, our new house is in a place called Germanikos Pouli - Γερμανικοσ Πουλι - outside of Hania anyway).

You can see some pictures of our new physical home over at Flickr, and we hope some of you will carry on enjoying reading about our adventure as we get our home set up. And if you want to catch up with what we have been up to since arriving, you should start here on day #1 - Early morning in Hania.

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