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April 06, 2006

Spend spend spend

With an entire house to furnish for Monday we went on a little spending spree today. Our first port of call was Expert Electronics just by Plateia 1866. There we ordered a fridge/freezer, a washing machine, a TV, a toaster and a kettle. They should all be delivered to the house on Monday - I say should because I've spelt the name of our street wrong on every single order we processed today, ho-hum. I expect the phone might be ringing quite a bit.

NewchairNext up was a little furniture store, where we ordered 4 director style chairs which to start with will get used inside and outside until we get more furniture. We then looked at a sofa-bed. Our idea is to have the sofa-bed in the office/spare room so that it can be converted when we have guests. Claire didn't really like the one she had picked, but thought it was the best of a bad bunch. I'm not really one for expressing opinions much on interior decor, but I had to on this occasion, as I really didn't like it, so we are going to take a bit longer to find something else instead.

The other reason for trying to get a sofa-bed straight away was we didn't know where we were going to sleep ourselves. It turns out the beds were much cheaper than we expected, and with a 30% discount for cash we've bought a wooden bed and mattress which should be delivered and assembled on what is going to be a very busy Monday. We might still have to sleep on it in our sleeping bags, but at least we won't be on the floor.

So now all we need are the pots and pans and glasses and mugs and rubbish bins and a mop and a table and a cooker...

One saving grace of all this spending was that this week was the end of the tax year in the UK. Because we had spent so long saving up for our travelling and moving last year we were due some interest - the first money we've "earned" since December. And very welcome it was too, as it has paid for a months rent in our new home.

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