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April 22, 2006

Red eggs at Easter

RedeggsToday we did our ex-pat Brit version of one of Greece's Easter traditions - having eggs that have been dyed red. The dye is meant to symbolise the blood of Christ. I cheated a little and bought some pre-dyed eggs from the supermarket.

We didn't quite get the tradition right of course. For a start you are not meant to eat them until Easter Sunday, but we fancied eggs for lunch today, and the red ones were the only ones in the house. And you are meant to play a game with them, rather like conkers. The one with the last egg that hasn't broken is the winner, and presumably everybody else is splattered with egg. We didn't fancy that.

It wasn't just the day that we got wrong though. Claire served our lunch, and we tried to start eating what we hoped would be our delicious runny red boiled eggs.

It turns out that I had not only been lazy in buying the eggs pre-dyed, I had also unwittingly bought eggs that had been pre-hard-boiled. So our lunch consisted of rock solid twice-boiled eggs, and pitta bread. Not quite the Easter Saturday treat we were imagining.

"Do you think this sort of thing will keep happening to us?" I asked Claire.

"Very probably" she replied.

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