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April 12, 2006

Our first power cut

We really feel like proper Cretan residents now after another rite of passage. Following on from the failure of the water supply for much of Monday as we moved in, on Tuesday night we had a power cut in the evening.

AbandoneddinnerFortunately from our trip we are very prepared, with torches and candles for use in emergencies. Less fortunately I was right in the middle of cooking our first proper meal on the new cooker. We managed to salvage something out of it, as the pasta had been on just long enough to qualify as very al dente rather than raw, so I let it simmer down in the pan as the water cooled, and then served it mixed together with a pesto sauce and some chopped ham. It wasn't the best meal, but at least it meant not everything went to waste. The power came back on after about twenty minutes.

Speaking to our landlord today apparently we can expect this sort of thing twice a week for the duration of the high season. Note to self: don't rely on having the freezer full of food.

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