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April 29, 2006


Bagrip This week I had to decommission my bag - as it had developed a hole in the bottom big enough that large objects could escape.

For a freebie it hadn't done too bad. I won it several years ago playing the "Two-Packs-Of-Cards-Game", or "Bitch Raffle" as it is known in London. It was a perfectly functional little backpack bag, but during the game nobody wanted it because it was hideously NBA branded.

It also sat unwanted in our house in London for ages, and then suddenly when I started cycling to Walthamstow Central it got a new lease of life. I needed a bag that could carry my laptop and be strapped to my back, rather than slung over my shoulder, and it fitted the bill. I spent about three journeys from Walthamstow Central to White City on the underground carefully unpicking the NBA logo from the main pocket, although I couldn't do anything about the moulded plastic buckle.

In the end it got to visit 16 countries as my hand luggage, but yesterday was the end for my faithful NBA-branded freebie friend.

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