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April 14, 2006

More potential form filling - residence permit and OTE

After the tax office and the bank we were on a bureaucratic roll, so decided to go back to the central tourist information office to ask again about the residence permit. Again, the woman explained that if we came from the UK it wasn't going to be a problem and we were unlikely to need it.

I have to say on a personal note I was so relieved that again someone looked at us like we were mad to even be trying to get this permit. Saying to Claire "Yeah, I went to the place and they said we didn't need it after all" had all the ring-of-truth to it of someone who had gone into town and had spent two hours in the pub rather than actually going to the information office.

I told her that OTE had said they couldn't put a phone line in for us without it. She looked really surprised. "Maybe I was just unlucky with who I spoke to?" I ventured. She gave us a phone number to try calling, and we decided to go back and have another go at the OTE office.

So this time we sent Claire in to the telephone office. Her who-innocent-foreigner-me act seems to have negotiated the requirements down to passport, tax number, and copy of the house contract - three things that we do have. We could shortly be back in the telecommunications business.

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