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April 27, 2006


Yesterday we got one of the buses that run by the end of our road to the end of the line - Kalamaki. We didn't really know what to expect there, and didn't really anticipate there being much at all. Which there duly wasn't. There was a small harbour, and a couple of bars on the beach, and then a nice stretch of coastline which we walked along.

KalamakiThere was a curiosity at the end of the harbour's pier - a chapel that appeared to have been built somewhere else, and then plonked down on the pier in its entirity. It looked like it was cast out of concrete, and you could see the gaps underneath where it balanced unevenly on the rocks. It also had metal "handles" protruding from the sides. Very weird indeed.

The scenary was really nice though, and there was a little hill jutting out into the sea, which we climbed for some spectacular views back across the mountains and out to sea. There was a sweet little church on the top of the hill, with a decorative cross standing outside, and the trees had all tinsel stuck in them from the weekends Easter celebrations.

Once we made our way down form the hil we stopped in a beach bar. It could become a favourite spot, but it looked like in the summer it could either one of two ways. It could stay a lovely secluded little spot with nice sun loungers and racks that promise toys for the kids and books for the adults. Or they could turn the music up and it could become a haven for lobster pink shaven headed British louts on the piss. So I shall fit right in ;-)

We made our way back to where we thought the main road would be in order to catch the bus back - and then discovered that actually we had walked so far along the beach that we were only ten minutes walk from home, so made our way back on foot.

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