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April 02, 2006

I broke the wi-fi magic

NowirelessHmm, the only saving grace of the flat we are staying in until next Monday was that you could pick up internet access on the balcony from a leaky wi-fi network belonging to a hotel down the road. That had kept me occupied, and out of Cliare's way in our claustrophobic little room.

Alas, last night I told someone about the existence of the network in Santé when they were asking about wi-fi access. Telling someone must have broken the spell, because since then we have been unable to log on.

Of course, we shouldn't have taken it for granted, it was a bit of a fluke how I discovered it in the first place. Late at night I sat down on one of the four chairs on the balcony outside and opened my laptop. Hey presto, we were on. I've "dowsed" all around the balcony with the laptop since, and the signal was only strong enough to connect when you were literally sitting in that one chair in that exact spot. How lucky was that?

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