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April 13, 2006


PrevioushaircutI'll have to imagine the crowd of schoolboys gathered around me taunting me, but on Tuesday I finally got my haircut for the first time since December. Before we left on our trip I had all my hair shaved off, but by last week it had grown out to the extent that my wife was saying I looked like an extra from Fraggle Rock.

I went to a barbers just off Plateia 1866. I barely had time to sit down before I was being seen to. "Sorry, I don't speak Greek" I said. "It's OK, tell me". I explained that I usually had my hair very short with..."a little longer on top?". He finished my sentence for me as if having years of experience of cutting the hair of British men, and set to work.

HaircutActually the experience wasn't really any different to getting my hair cut in the UK, except for the fact that it didn't get washed first. Instead, my hair was gently moistened with a spray of fine water, something I don't remember happening since I was a kid. It was cheap too, at €9. Not having to make polite conversation during the cut was also an added bonus. I got to like my old barber back in the UK, but after five minutes in the chair you'd often struggle to think of what to talk about next, but still feel obliged to keep the conversation going. I was very pleased with the result today, but probably not as much as Claire, who obviously is the one who has to actually look at my hair.

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Coincidentally, my local barber is Greek; he charges €9 for a haircut (that's about £6-7 innit), he uses a little spray to moisten the hair before cutting, and he insists on listening to London Greek Radio so that I don't have to make any conversation (and indeed don't understand any of it). It sounds like my hair-cutting experience is very similar to yours, excepting the weather outside, of course.

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