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April 08, 2006

Frozen fish fiasco

Following yesterday's decision to abandon our planned menu and not cook at all in favour of going to Tamam, today we had another fiasco with our dinner.

I'd bought two frozen fish when I last went to the supermarket, and planned to lightly pan fry them and share half each to get a bit of local character into basically homemade fish'n'chips. That caused some amusement, as Claire pointed out that instead of buying frozen fish I could have just gone to one of the innumerable fresh fish stalls on the morning we wanted it for dinner. Anyway, I digress.

Having defrosted the fish, to my horror I found that they were complete fish. Whilst I was happy to head'n'tail them, I hadn't envisaged that I would have to gut them myself. I'm sure it is something I could do if I was trapped on a desert island and my life depended it, but I didn't move to Crete so I could spend my Saturday afternoons wrestling with fish intestines. After a couple of incisions into one of them, I knew it wasn't for me. Wasteful as it was, I'm sure a couple of the local strays will enjoy them this evening - we had left-over chicken instead.

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