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April 08, 2006

Football at Galileo

On Saturday afternoon I went out for a walk around the harbour around 2:30pm. It was heaving with people, and there were groups of local teenagers dancing on the street and on tables in tavernas. It was pretty hectic.

After returning to base for a nap I went out again at five to find somewhere showing the Premiership's afternoon games. Galileo's bank of three screens had Portsmouth vs Blackburn on one screen, so I settled down.

On another of their screens they had a crazy football show. In the UK we get shows which are essentially watching some people watch football whilst the scores roll in, but this took it to a new level. Not only were the pundits watching the game, but there was a big screen behind them showing a match that belonged to another channel. They also kept breaking into footage from Italy's Serie B whenever a goal was scored, all of which was completely branded as if it was simply from another channel. In fact I suspected that nearly all of the ΤΕΛΕΑΣΤΥ footage was stolen. At one point they showed a compilation of the goals form the previous week in the English Premiership, which from the quality looked like it was being played out on VHS, and still included the Sky News banner, time-stamp, and rolling headline ticker from a couple of days ago when it had clearly been recorded!

Every couple of minutes or so they put up the latest scores from all around Europe. It seems Greece has a thriving football pools based on games all over the continent. I soon learnt the names of the teams I am interested in - Λειτον for Leyton Orient, and surprisingly for Leeds, Λιντς, which transliterates into the Western alphabet more like 'Lints'.

After the Portsmouth - Blackburn match finished Claire came down to join me for a drink, and then a Greek match featuring Olympiakos, and the Wigan - Birmingham Premiership match both started on different screens. In the absence of satellite TV at our new house I can see myself spending a fair few Saturday afternoons in Galileo before the season has finished.

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