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April 13, 2006

Crime in Chania

[see how I used the 'C' in 'C'hania this time to make the title alliterate?]

So Chania hasn't turned out to be a blissful crime free spot. I already mentioned that on one of our first trips to have a drink by the harbour the taverna owner 'entertained' us with the tale of the British guy who killed his parents. Claire noticed the other day that the story had been covered by the BBC in the middle of last month - Son charged over Crete killings

This weeks edition of the Athens News had another disturbing story from Chania, although from the wider district rather than specifically in the town itself:

A parish priest in the prefecture of Hania, Crete, was found dead in his home within the grounds of the Agia Magdalene Church on April 3. Police investigating the death of Panagiotis Vozinakis, 73, said the evidence found until now points to murder.
The elderly priest had been bound with plastic rope when he was found, while there are signs that the culprits had tortured him for several hours.

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