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April 19, 2006

A routine day

I'm gradually getting myself into a daily routine here. Tuesday was an example of when it went well.

I got up at 6:45am and put the boiler on, then made breakfast for myself and Claire - yoghurt and fruit. After a shower I wrote for a while and worked on a new website. Then we went down to town where I got some internet access for a couple of hours.

On the way home from town I popped into a couple of shops out of interest, and did a quick supermarket sweep. We are finding that at this early stage we are still having to go to the supermarket most days as there is always some staple ingredient missing from the cupboard. Plus, obviously, I need to buy beer.

Once at home I made myself a Greek salad for lunch with warm pitta bread and Cretan salami, and then read for a while - "The Last Temptation" by Nikos Kazantzakis. Claire got back around 4pm and we chatted for an hour-or-so, and then I slept from 5 until 6:30. I got up in time to watch "Smallville" whilst cooking dinner, and then we ate.

After "Smallville" we have a new ritual, which is that whilst Claire washes up, I try and explain to her what I think may have happened in Greece as I watch the news on the 'Star' channel. We settle down to watch "Who's The Boss?" together at 9pm, and after that usually Claire goes to bed to read or watches a film if one is on, whilst I will sit up and compute until gone midnight.

I've never particularly been a "morning person", so I expect to hear guffaws across the ocean when people read that I'm trying to regularly get up before 7am. I'm finding it really good though to get some writing under my belt by 9am, spend time in town doing internet research in the morning, and then to do some more writing again in the late evening.

I've still got a couple of things to add into the routine though - I need to find a regular slot for learning Greek, and once I get a bike I expect to go out for a ride each afternoon.

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Glad to see you're keeping yourself busy Martin, but what does Claire do all day, before mysteriously appearing at 4pm?

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