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April 09, 2006

A move of two halves

MoveintwopartsWe spent some of Sunday afternoon moving stuff into our new home. Although we haven't got a huge amount of things, we realised that by the time you added up the frying pan, and the sheets, and the two scatter cushions, and the foodstuffs, and the newspaper with the TV guide, and the new books, and the spare toilet rolls and so on and so on that we had actually managed to accrue quite a bit more stuff since we arrived in Hania. And since we could barely manage to carry the stuff we did have back then, suddenly Monday morning wasn't looking like quite so much fun.

So I packed my backpack, and Claire put together a big bag of things, and we headed off to catch the bus. This took a little longer than anticipated, since although the Hania bus website promises a number 21 bus to Kalamaki every twenty minutes or so, evidence on the ground was that it doesn't run on a Sunday, or at least it doesn't this early in the year.

Once we got going on the much less frequent number 15 it was only around 5 minutes to our stop. We let ourselves into the house for the first time, and were pleased to see that a lot of the snagging and all of the cleaning has been done. It looked great, if imposingly empty. We unpacked all of our stuff into cupboards, and headed off. As we walked down the hill I did some mental calculation and said "Assuming it heads straight back from Kalamaki to Hania, the return bus should be coming along just now."

"And there it is", I added, as it rushed past the end of the road leaving us with an hour and forty-five minute wait for the next one, or having to walk back to town. If only we hadn't been debating whether the glass-fronted cupboard by the kitchen counter was for Doctor Who memorabilia or not, we would have been in time to catch it.

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