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March 29, 2006

Chores instead of sight-seeing

20060329aWe both left the apartment together this morning - with only one set of keys we need to plan our comings and going with military precision. Claire was off to the laundrey, and I was off to buy a new mobile phone, in a very sexist division of labour. It is very odd to have an agenda full of chores to do each day rather than an itinery of sights to see.

My research had suggested vodaphone offered the cheapest deals on both pay-as-you-go handsets and international calls, so with some reluctance I headed to the Vodafone shop. The cheapest hadset there was over €120, which wasn't what I had in mind from visiting the web. Instead I went to another shop, and bought a cheaper Nokia handset and a Vodafone connection pack. At last we would be able to receive calls and SMS messages from friends and family without paying for the priveledge.

Next I poped into a bike shop to guage the prices - I'm itching to get back on two wheels again, and then a pharmacy to get headache tablets, and an electrics shop to get a new battery for the alarm/world radio that I got as a leaving present from work. Not that we need an alarm clock at the moment as we are both woken by the 7am church bells, but presumably we'll get used to that.

For her part Claire found that instead of having to sit and do the laundrey as she expected, the guy took our clothes in and said come back at 1. Since I had the keys that left her with a lot of spare time. She went to a second-hand bookshop and picked up some reading, and then was out searching for a chopping board and dish-cloth so we can at least get something like a usable kitchen going in our flat, when we bumped into each other on the street! So, it is a small town after all ;-)

We walked together to the harbour and sat and had cool drinks - I had a milkshake that was basically a glass of chocolate ice cream. With no other customers and nobody strolling past in the still lunchtime heat, we benefitted from the full attention of our host. Having established we were English he told us all about himself, about how London was too busy, and bizarrely about the "crazy British homosexual" who had murdered his parents just down the road, even though they had bought him a house, hotel and restaurant. Claire tried to explain that she liked London to be busy with tourists because she used to work on Tower Bridge, but our host got the very wrong end of the stick. "Over Bridge? No, I've never heard of the company. They must be in Plakas."

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