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March 26, 2006

About 'A lemon tree of our own'

20060327a_1This site is a blog by a British couple who have moved from the UK to try and set up home in Hania in Crete.

Before arriving in Hania we went travelling through Europe for three months, and kept an online journal for friends and family to let them know how we were getting on. Once we got to Hania we didn't feel like stopping...

If you never seen or read a blog before, according to this Wikipedia entry on blogs they are "a website in which messages are posted and displayed with the newest at the top". There is also a handy overview of what they are over on the BBC site by Alan Connor.

Basically it is a kind of online diary that we will be updating most days, with our thoughts on trying to find a home and some work in a new country where we are only just beginning to learn the language.

And why is it called "A lemon tree of our own"?

Well, firstly because all the good and famous blogs have really stupid names. But mostly because the first time I went to Greece was on a family holiday in the eighties. One of my strongest memories is of being so impressed that I could reach out from the balcony in my bedroom, and pick fresh lemons from the tree in the apartment's garden.

We really want to find somewhere to live in Greece where we can have a lemon tree, and however things work out, we have agreed to buy a lemon tree for our wedding anniversary this year. Which has caused much marital hilarity:

"You only want the tree so every time I look at it I feel guilty because you've married such a lemon of a husband."

"No, I want the tree so that every time you look at it you have to think of my sour face"

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It has been wonderfull to read all about your adventures of the past months
I hope you will be very happy starting a new life in Greece
God speed to both of you
Good luck (BETTY)

pp Thursa Emms.

As the parents who took this 'young' man on his first trip to Greece, how were we to know that renting an apartment with a lemon tree hanging over the balcony would have such far reaching consequences!

We are so pleased you are continuing the story of your lives because we would really miss it. And it is true - never in the whole of Martin's life (or his life with Claire) have we known so much about his every day movements and thoughts. Thinking about him as a teenager, it is probably just as well!!!!!!

May the sun shine on you both forever.

Miss you both but never fear, we will visit soon!

Mum and Dad Belam

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