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March 31, 2006

The bars of Hania - probably part 1 of a long series!

Galileo_bar_lightingSo, without going crazy, we have begun to check out some of our new local bars. It has been funny for us going from travelling where we had plans for every day and sight-seeing itineraries, and dinner out most evenings, to now having to get back into the swing of just "living". It doesn't help that you can't help but feel that money is leaking out of your very skin when you are not earning anything. Still, we've been allowing ourselves one drink out per night, just so we can get a feel for the city.

The first place we went to for evening drinks was on Tuesday night, to a bar called Galileo. It is very swish, with some great lights in it - they are hidden behind swirly orange slabs of glass, and look a bit like the windows we saw in Galla Placidia's mausoleum in Ravenna. We really liked it in there, but thought it would get very busy and trendy in the high season.

On Wednesday we went to a bar called Santé, also on the harbour front. We were very impressed with this. It was playing some low-key alternative music, and the bar also had an internet cafe with four ADSL connected computers, and an upstairs with an additional bar and a pool room. The lighting was very subdued, and we could both imagine going there again.

View_from_the_viewLast night we went to the Thea, or 'The View'. This bar is upstairs on the corner of Plateia Venizelou, with an open balcony looking out onto the sea. It was pleasant enough, but we didn't have the most relaxing of drinks due to the antics of a group of four 'friends' in the square below. They had such a fight that one of them was smashing up the other's mobile phone by jumping up and down on it, and the heated exchanges seemed to go on forever, with different combinations of the four of them seeming to be the main protagonists at any given moment. So, it showed it isn't just Brits who get drunk and cause trouble in Greek resorts.

Tonight we have just stayed in though - we are saving our Euro-pennies to have dinner out tomorrow night.

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