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March 28, 2006

"I guess the Yorkshire Pudding is off the menu"

20060328aWe get woken at 7am in Hania when the nearby church bells ring - which is no bad thing as we are trying to get in tune with Cretan working hours, which appear to include a large chunk of being closed between 2pm and 5:30pm most days.

Today was our first venture to the supermarket. Claire had prepared a long shopping list as if I was making my regular bike run to Sainsbury's back in the UK, but from experience we knew we would probably end up with only a fraction of the things. I also needed to check the utensils at my disposal in our kitchenette before planning our meals. We had a small frying pan, one pot, and a strainer. Plus the pan with the burnt bottom hanging from the wall. "I guess the Yorkshire Pudding is off the menu" I informed Claire.

We picked a route back to where the bus had dropped us off the previous morning which took in a couple of the launderettes listed in the Lonely Planet Guide. One, the Afroditi, seemed to be missing in action, and the other, the Fidias seemed firmly shut. We took a little detour and located the Old Town Laundromat, which fortunately was open. The prospect of clean clothes loomed larger at last. We also identified a likely looking internet cafe, Vrannos.

Once we got to where we had seen a supermarket in the dim early light of Monday morning, we found we didn't much like the look of it, and it wasn't very large, so we foolishly said "Let's look for another one".

Some time later, we found one. And by some time later I mean after about half an hour of wandering. This wasn't a complete waste of time though, as we found some useful computer and bike shops, another couple of books shops, and would, on the way back, get to talk to a parrot.

The supermarket we found was large, and so we were able to get a lot of things on the list. With no means of transport other than our feet we couldn't do a huge shop, but got enough for the next couple of days. It was a weird kind of shopping though. We're not just buying bits'n'bobs to last a couple of days, because in theory we are not moving on from Hania. However, we can't yet start buying big quantities of stuff or household goods, because we haven't got a permanent home. A case in point was me eyeing up a nice big frying pan to use instead of the small one in our apartment. Trouble is, we don't yet know if in a fortnight we are going to have to give up, pack everything into our backpacks, and head to either Cyprus or the UK in a panic. We did though buy some ice trays - they were only €1.10, and we need them to ensure we can still make our Kefalonia Kicker cocktails in the afternoon ;-)

The fruit and veg in the supermarket didn't seem that fresh or nice, so having completed our shopping there, we made our way to the covered market we had visited the previous day. The stall we bought our stuff from also had a big basket of live snails, which are a Cretan delicacy - but we thought we'd pass on those for now. It didn't really seem to be a self-service stall, although we happily barged in and started picking our own veg. It has given us a small ambition though - to be able to carry out a transaction at the fruit'n'veg stall entirely in Greek, knowing all the names of the things that we wanted to buy.

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