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March 28, 2006

Classified adverts

20060328bAll the advice we have received is that it will be cheaper to rent somewhere if you look at the Greek adverts in a Greek newspaper, rather than in the English language ones.

On the ferry we picked up a discarded copy of one of the local Hanian papers. This morning Claire set to work on it, but after a while turned to me and said "Did you actually want this thing translated in your lifetime?".

So far her first advert read: "100 metres from the sea of Kalamaki, to rent. Monochrome."


Being armed with only a dictionary and a tiny understanding of how Greek word endings work led to quite a bit of confusion. One flat seemed to offer as a feature "amputated cauliflower". And is that the word for balcony, or the Greek slang for big breasts?

Fortunately, later on Claire went and found an English speaking estate agent that handles property rentals. That sounds a bit more promising than monochrome.

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