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July 07, 2008

Found at Falasarna

Falasarna has a beautiful long stretch of beach facing west, and we spent a very pleasant afternoon there when we recently had guests. I wandered off to do a bit of exploring and came across a tiny little inlet on the shore which was obviously used as a small harbour. Piled around the harbour were some boats that were looking a little less than seaworthy.



The beach was backed by a rocky cliff filled with caves. I had a good nose around, but was then a bit freaked out to find that someone seemed to be living in the caves, and that there were all sorts of Blair Witch style 'found objects' there!



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i take it that you realise what the spiral thing is (you burn one tip of it and it keeps away mosquitoes!)

Hi!!! Dont freak out! The spiral thingy you found on the beach is a common "stick" you can buy in supermarkets that keeps mosquitos away! :)

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