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February 02, 2007

Special Simpsons Road Rage Easter Eggs. At Christmas?

Xmasapu Over the last couple of weeks we've been telling people, to mostly disbelief, that when we spent our Christmas in Munich, and our New Years in a hotel in central Salzburg, we mostly spent the time playing Playstation.

Well, as a consequence of devoting our holiday to this, we got to see a couple of bonus features of the Simpson's Road Rage game. At certain times of the year, seasonal bonus vehicles appear, and so on Christmas Day we got to enjoy Apu dressed as Santa, and on New Year's Day we got Krusty in a special celbration vehicle.

Fiddling around with the system date on the machine revealed a green zombie Bart for Halloween, but we didn't see anything special for July 4th.

We were sure there would be a bonus character for Thanksgiving as well, but despite having been culturally force-fed Thanksgiving via many many seasonal themed episodes of The Simpsons / Friends / Frasier et al, given that they are never shown at the right time in the UK, we actually had no idea when Thanksgiving actually was in order to check it.

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