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January 16, 2007

The Wüstenrot invasion

Salzburg seems to have no end of things on public display which could pass for monsters in Doctor Who. We've already seen, for example, the attack of the flower-headed people.

The latest ones we've spotted already even have a monster name - they live in the Wüstenrot building.


They are a series of humanoid figures with giant circular light bulbs for heads. At night the interior of the building is dark, except for the glowing heads of these figures.

The Wüstenrot building itself is probably the most striking building we've seen so far in Salzburg. The main building itself is fairly nondescript square and squat, but it is surrounded in an outer mesh type structure, that is set at a whole series of odd angles. All this must be to hide the fact that actually Wüstenrot is a financial services and insurance company, which is somehow less exciting if you don't have glowing alien figures in your lobbey


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