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December 17, 2006

The Sony mooning gang

There can't be much to do around Niederalm for school kids during the holidays, hence an event that happened this week at lunchtime. We've taken to meeting back at the Weinleitner to have our lunch - Claire goes to fetch it from MaxiMarkt earlier, and then we eat together in our room. It is much more comfortable than scoffing our sandwiches by the side of the main road.

Late last week I was returning to the office from lunch, and up ahead of me on Sonystrasse was a bunch of three teenage heavy metal ne'er-do-wells carrying their bottles of beer. I got to observe them hanging around the outside of the Sony complex, and then finally pluck up enough courage to break in.

Sonyoffice Well, I say break in. What I actually mean is bravely walk through the completed unattended gate to the complex, as if it was the most dangerous thing to do in the world.

I followed them into Sony and started making my way towards the office. Once the three of them had got a little way inside, it was the cue for one of them to drop their trousers, and start running around, mooning at Sony at 1:30 in the afternoon.

As I say, there can't be much to do around Niederalm for school kids during the holidays.

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...as opposed to the joys of north-east London, where as I recall it was once de rigeur to play "Frogger" on the 10-lane bit of the North Circular underneath South Woodford.

Preferably after having some wino lager.

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