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November 01, 2006

Over-elaborate road signs in Salzburg

4073_roadsign We spotted this road sign in Salzburg, and although we thought it probably meant don't play football in the street because cars might come, we did wonder if it couldn't also mean:

i) if you are going to hit something in your car, aim for people playing football rather than houses

ii) if a tentacled creature is about to break into your house or car, distract it by playing football


iii) if your bobble-headed stickman friend has fallen down a pothole in the street, and a car is approaching, alert him by kicking him in the head.

None of which are as funny as these interpretations of U.S. Government anti-terrorism warning signs.

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That's hilarious :)

This sign is an official sign here in Austria and it's called "Wohnstrasse". A Wohnstrasse is an area where you have to drive your car very very slow and children are allowed to play.

Same here in Holland, its called a 'woonerf'.
Pedestrians go first, children are all over the place. Better just park and walk on...

Could it also mean: Two people kicking the same ball at the same time will require a vehicle to drive them to a doctor?

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