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November 25, 2006

"No popeyes"

Just as you reach the main town of Salzburg on the 170 bus there is a sports hall to your left, and it is covered in two places with the cryptic graffiti:

Nopopeys No drugs
No alcohol
No popeys

I'd been pondering what it could signify, and so with our friends journeying into town the other day on the bus, I asked what people thought "Popeys" meant.

"Oh", said Claire, "I thought it said 'No popeyes'"

There was a slight pause, and then we all just fell about laughing.

As unlikely as it seemed, it didn't turn out to be the funniest thing anybody said that day. Before we ventured into the Museum der Moderne we had a wander around the top of the Mönchsberg, home of not just the museum, but also of Salzburg's most impressive monument, the old Salzburg Castle,  or Festung Hohensalzburg.

And as we walked around we heard an American tourist calling out to her companions:

"Gee, does anyone know what castle that is?"

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I feel I need to defend what sounds like the most stupid thing anybody has ever said. As we all know, Popeye spent most of his time being a weedy little man with nothing going for him. Suddenly when he needed to impress the girl he would chow down on a tin of spinach and 'hey presto' - he was a lean, mean, strength machine. Hence, No Drugs, No Alcohol, No Popeye - i.e. he was a drugs cheat! OK, so perhaps it was a fairly ridiculous thing to say...I'll get my coat.

Perhaps no Catholics? I.e. no "Pope-ys"? I've been around some anti-Catholic stuff in Germany... but I agree that this is reaching a bit. Whoever said that all youfs scribbling on walls are sensible?

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