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October 20, 2006

The strange sights of Budapest

We came across more than a couple of strange sights on this visit to Budapest.

On Saturday morning, as we started to cross one of the bridges we spotted some people repainting the yellow lines on the road. However, they were doing it so inefficiently I could only imagine that it was some sort of community service punishment. The person painting the line was using a paintbrush that was only about a fifth of the size of the line required, and then a person was shuffling along after them with a bottle of turps and a rag to make sure the edges were straight. At the rate they were going it was going to take a long time to complete.

Then, whilst we were waiting for our train on Sunday morning we were entertained as we sat having our coffee by a couple of the most inept workmen I have ever laid eyes upon. It could have been something out of Laurel and Hardy. They were trying to replace the light bulbs in a chandelier type affair, but to do so they were using an ungainly ladder that they could barely carry. It was wobbling all over the place and nearly took out a couple of windows before they got it in the right place. They had blocked the entrance to the toilets with the ladder, and then managed to drop and smash some of the light bulbs they were supposed to be installing. It was a complete carry on.

The scariest sight though was an old woman we passed on our way back to the EYC on Saturday night. As we walked by her she was emitting the most bizarre barely human electronic buzzing voice, like someone suffering some kind of alien possession. What she was doing was clutching a radio to her ear, which was playing some kind of mass, and she was talking along with the service, but the radio wasn’t tuned very well, so the sound of the priest and the congregation was hideously distorted. It was rather freaky to say the least.

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