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July 04, 2006

Hania's Moleman

Moleman There are quite a few "special" characters in Hania - and one of them hangs around Remezzo a lot. We call him Moleman, after the unfortunate oft-killed character in The Simpsons, although, lately we've come to think he looks a bit more like Tony Robinson (Baldrick/Time Team) will in his later years. We think he might live in Hania, as we've seen him for quite a few weeks now and he is very sun-tanned.

The thing is, I wouldn't have bothered writing about him until something bizarre happened the other week. I was quite happily minding my own business watching Ukraine - Tunisia in Remezzo (as you do), when he, with about 17 other sofas with a perfect view of the screen to choose from, decided to sit about two feet from me. Once Claire arrived to meet me we could barely move for him having taken over our table.

Then he sat there, and started flicking through the pictures on his digital camera. He was going through some pictures he had taken on the beach, and was using the zoom facility to check out in detail the breasts of each and every topless woman he had "managed" to capture.

The thing is, I'm still not entirely clear in my own head which is worse. Taking sneaky pictures of topless ladies on the beach is a pretty lame, sad, perverted kind of business. But to then happily browse through your sneaky pix in full view of the people around you takes having a voyeurism/exhibitionism complex to a whole new level...

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