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April 06, 2006

Washing Doctor Who costumes

I once made the mistake of introducing Doctor Who to Claire by getting her to watch 1970s story "The Ark in Space". It was very possibly the first story I ever saw, and has a moment which terrified me at the time, when a giant insect falls out of a cupboard, and only on the cliff-hanger reveal do you realise it is already dead. It also has Tom Baker at his mesmerising bonkers best. However, what I had forgotten before exposing Claire to it was that it has a terrifying moment of an entirely different kind - terrifyingly bad, when the monster turns out to be a man crawling along the floor in a green fluffy sleeping bag wrapped in bubble-wrap. Claire never quite got over how funny it was.

DoctorwhocostumeAnd she was reminded of all that today when she looked out of the window and saw the washing line opposite. Surely this woman must be washing some Doctor Who costumes in homage to that episode - she couldn't actually have these green fluffy things on her floor as rugs, could she?

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