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April 25, 2006

That isn't sweat - that's Coca-Cola

After we got back from Rethimno, Claire and I went our separate ways - she returned home and I headed off to an internet cafe for a bit.

When I left there, I decided to walk back to the house via the beach, and had a jaunty stroll in the heat, headphones on full blast, bellowing along to The Strokes to my heart's content as soon as I judged I was almost out-of-earshot of people.

This was fine until I was about ten minutes from home. It was really hot, and I just got to the point where I was thinking it hadn't been such a clever idea after all, as I was absolutely dripping with sweat. "A drink is what I need", I thought.

I took my backpack off, and got out the bottle of Coca-Cola I had bought earlier, and opened it to take a swig.


It absolutely exploded all over me - I was literally dripping Coca-Cola.

I had to laugh - but I couldn't help worrying that on the final leg of my journey the powerful photosynthetic rays of the sun were going to react with the carbonated soft drink with vegetable extracts to turn me into some horrific Coca-Cola fuelled Toxic Avenger.

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In Japan, you can, if the mood takes you, purchase a drink called "Pocari Sweat"

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