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April 07, 2006

Our first sand-storm

HaniasandstormWe knew it wasn't going to be all sweetness and light when we moved to Crete, and that in August the island gets a very strong wind which carries sand with it. We weren't though expecting our first sand-storm in April.

The wind really got up today, and with the sand it carried reduced our visibility. It was quite hard sitting on the balcony, and we had to tie shut the windows of the pension as the catch doesn't work very well and they kept being blown open.

When we went for a walk later on we found that visibility had reduced so much that from the harbour you couldn't actually see the open sea anymore. The wind was oppresively hot, and with the dust the sun had taken on a blueish tinge.

We just hope that the people clearing all the building dust out of our new apartment are doing it tomorrow, and didn't do it yesterday.

(More pictures on Flickr)

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